Ilektra Maipa

1989 born in Thessaloniki, Greece


2017- 2018: MA Fine Art, Manchester School of Art, Metropolitan University of Manchester (Hons), UK
2016- 2017: Graphic Desigh & Image Processing, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
2007- 2012: Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia (Hons), GR, (Prof. Yannis Ziogas)
2009- 2010: Industrial and handicraft artifacts, (Prof. Andronikos Sagiannos)


2020 Artist's freedom, Arte Visione, Athens, GR
2019 Manchester Art Fair, Manchester, UK
2018 Without obligations of shape or stillness, Plant NOMA, Manchester, UK
2018 Micro-Topia, The Slide Library and Room 20, Manchester, UK
2017 Home, Film Challenge, CH312, Manchester, UK
2016 Rethink Art Digital Festival, The House of Culture, Rethymno, GR
2016 Brave New World, K-Gold Gallery & NEON, Lesvos, GR
2016 State of Being & th Element of Surprise, metamatic:taf, Athens, GR
2016 As One, Abramociv Method Benaki Museum, NEON & MAI, Athens, GR
2015 Athens Science Festival, Technopolis Municipality of Athens, Athens, GR
2014 Beyond the Borders /Visual March to Prespes, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, GR
2014 Metrologos, Owl art Space, Athens, GR
2014 Crisis and Creativity, Yeni Djami, Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014, Thessaloniki, GR
2013 Physis, Greek Culture Foundation, Berlin, DE
2012 Moments from the Future, a proposal of Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, GR
2012 Places of Memory-Fields of Vision, Contemporary Art Centre of Thessaloniki, GR
2012 Athens Print Fest, Cultural Centre of Municipality of Athens Melina, Athens, GR
2012 Assignment Deposit, Pavlou Mela Military Camp, Thessaloniki, GR
2012 Pandora’s Box, Transform 2012, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, GR
2012 Summer of the New Artists, Gallery Kaplanon 5, Athens, GR
2011 Action field Kodra’s Stalking Horse, Biennale of new artists of Mediterranean, Thessaloniki, GR
2010 Time, Memory, Oblivion, Archeological Museum of Aiani, Kozani, GR
2010 Old Municipal Market of Kypseli, Athens, GR
2009 Why Cinema Now?, 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (Μ.Ι.Ε.Τ), Thessaloniki, GR
2008 Tradition of Fire, Team work in an outdoor space exhibition of students of the Dept of Visual and Applied Arts- University of Western Macedonia, Florina, GR
2008 Footprints 2008, Archeological Museum of Florina, Florina, GR


2013 Physis Art Project, Intercultural encounters in the context of EU funding Youth in Action, Veria and Vergina, GR
2012 Beyond the Borders /Visual March to Prespes, Florina, GR
2009 Project: Mosaic. The Map of Middle East at the Post- Hellenistic Era. Team work of Students of the TEET UoWM, Jericho


2013 Saatchi Gallery Screenings, London, UK


2018 Harpies and Trees, self-publication, poetry book
2016 State of Being & the Element of Surprise, metamatic:taf, exhibition catalogue
2012 Beyond the Borders /Visual March to Prespes, residency publication
2009 Why Cinema Now?, 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, exhibition catalogue